Parents Annual Fund

The 2013-2014 Parents Annual Fund 

Jimmie and Daphne Irby, Parents Annual Fund Co-Chairs


 Dear Friend of St. Charles,


“In September of 1923, with no fanfare, 14 boys gathered in a spare classroom at Sacred Heart School on Hamlet Street, about mile north of downtown Columbus.  They were the first students… of a new Catholic all boys high school named St. Charles Borromeo.  The school would be unique in the Columbus Diocese in structure, mission, and curriculum….  The new high school was initially described as the ‘preparatory department’ of St. Charles College-Seminary.  The school’s earliest prospectus declared the goal was to give ‘students a complete, thorough, and sound classical training.’  With this training, the prospectus notes, “the young man is equipped to take up the specialties of the profession of his choice.” 


This excerpt is from St. Charles Borromeo Preparatory School, The First 75 Years of Excellence written on the occasion of the school’s Diamond Anniversary in 1998, by Lou Fabro ‘49.  Reflecting on what has been accomplished over the last 90 years, it is impossible not to be proud of the vibrant institution St. Charles has become and of the young men who grace its halls.  Our students make it easy for us to be proud when they garner individual and collective academic, athletic and service accolades.  From their first days on campus, they bring intelligence and enthusiasm for beginning to prepare to engage with the world and for making the most of each and every opportunity the school affords them.  They gravitate toward chances to lead in campus ministry, student government, service projects and athletic teams.  They are eager to progress on their life’s journey, motivated by the understanding that they have a role – and a responsibility – in shaping our world for the better.


It is our school’s role and responsibility to continue to attract bright and promising young men who are able to accept the challenge of St. Charles and to provide the resources and support – the best curriculum, facilities and teachers – for them to achieve their full potential in their time here.  To meet these goals, we rely on the support of parents and friends like you, through our Annual Fund.  As we embark on our 90th year of education at St. Charles, we ask you to kindly consider making a generous gift to our Annual Fund this year.  Gifts of $1,250 or greater earn you membership in the 2014 Cardinal Society and bring great impact to our students.    


Thank you for your consideration and for your continued support of St. Charles Preparatory School. 



Jimmie and Daphne Irby




Annual Fund FAQ and Fact Sheet

Question: Why does St. Charles have an Annual Fund?

Answer: An Annual Fund, a part of the landscape at most parochial and private schools all over the country and certainly Central Ohio, raises funds to help maintain the school’s founding promise 85 years ago that “No qualified student who could benefit from a St. Charles education would ever be turned away because of a family’s inability to pay tuition,” as well as maintaining our buildings and grounds, supporting the faculty, and helping meet operating expenses. Annual Fund contributions are applied directly to meeting all of these expenses of running the school during the fiscal year July 1 – June 30.


Question: Where can I see my contribution at work?
Answer: Everywhere our 640 young men and their teachers are at work! Some other areas that are supported include technology upgrades and faculty professional development opportunities for recruitment and retention.

Question: Why is a gift of ANY size important?
Answer: Support for the Annual Fund represents your belief in the St. Charles mission. Your gift of any amount combines with others to provide a compelling case to other constituencies, including alumni, foundations and corporations, that those who benefit the most directly from a St. Charles education – you, our current parents – are committed to what the school is doing.


Question: I know what I want to give, but I can’t until 2014
Answer: Make a pledge! Pledging a gift and making payments according to a schedule that you determine enables St. Charles to plan for your gift and to take your planned participation into account. Our Development Office will send you reminders according to the schedule that you request. Simply fill out the Annual Fund reply envelope accordingly and make your final payment by June 30, 2013.

Question: Who is asked to contribute to the Annual Fund?
Answer: Parents of current students, alumni, and parents of alumni are invited to ensure the day-to-day excellence of the school they know, that is educating their boys today. Other donors include grandparents, neighbors, and some local businesses. This group takes advantage of the giving opportunity given to them annually to keep St. Charles fiscally strong and healthy.


For more information regarding the 2013-2014 Annual Fund contact the school’s Development Office and ask to speak with Michael Duffy, the St. Charles Development Director. He can be reached at 614-252-9288 extension #20 or at




Making Your Tax-Deductible Gift

Annual Fund Pledge & Gift Levels

Leadership gifts of $50,000 to $100,000. Making gifts of appreciated stock are especially tax-wise, so consult your professional advisor to learn the full benefits.

Major gifts between $10,000 and $50,000.

Investor gifts between $5,000 and $10,000.

Special gifts between $1,000 and $5,000. Don’t forget to request a corporate matching gift!

One-time gifts between $100 and $1,000 are greatly appreciated.

Tax deductibility of gifts: All gifts to the Parents Annual Fund are 100% tax-deductible. The school encourages you to utilize your corporate matching gift benefit, which matches cash gifts at face value.

Gift of stock/appreciated securities: For a stock-transfer instruction sheet, send an email to:

Consider Joining The Cardinal Society
The parents and alumni of St. Charles have a long and proud history of helping maintain many of our school’s most cherished traditions through charitable giving.

Charitable gifts of $1,250 or more to the Annual Fund will qualify a donor for membership in The Cardinal Society. Renewed annually, members will receive a one-of-a-kind St. Charles keepsake and an invitation to attend a year-end Annual Fund celebration.

For additional information,  please contact the school’s Development Office and ask to speak with Michael Duffy, the St. Charles Development Director. He can be reached at (614) 252-9288 extension #20 or by e-mail at


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