Thomas Horvath ’65, Mairead Fyda honored at Feast Day Mass

IMG_8759The statue of St. Charles Borromeo keeps watch over the crucifix in his hand as well as the St. Charles Campus and Community on a beautiful, sunny day, Tuesday, November 4th — the Feast of our patron saint.



Thomas Horvath ’65 and Mairead Fyda  honored with the school’s highest honors at the Feast Day Mass 

Two special members of the St. Charles Family were honored at the Feast Day Mass of our patron, St. Charles Borromeo, on Tuesday, November 4, 2014. The students, faculty and staff, parents, alumni and special guests were on hand for the liturgy which was celebrated by Bishop Frederick Campbell and concelebrated by several alumni and parish priests:

  The liturgy included the presentation of the Borromean Awards: 

      IMG_8817Thomas Horvath 65 (Family photo below) was presented the Borromean Medal for Distinguished Service to St. Charles.The honoree and his family (Above, from left): Natalie, Marcia, (Honoree) Tom ’65, Eric ’92 and Jeffrey ’99 Horvath.


IMG_8813 Mairead Fyda, (Family photo above) received the Principal’s Award for Leadership and Service to St. Charles Preparatory School. The honoree and her family (Above, from left): Jeremy Filia, Deidre Fyda, Walter Fyda ’04, (Honoree) Mairead Fyda, Victoria Fyda, Sinead Fyda, Lara Fyda Filia and Vivia Filia.

Congratulations and ‘Thank-You!” to Tom and Mairead for their service to  the St. Charles Community!



IMG_8760On hand to help the St. Charles Community celebrate the Feast Day Liturgy for its Patron. (Above, from left): Deacon Marion Smithberger ’72 (Serving St. Timothy parish); Msgr. Bill Dunn ’57 (Recently retired from St John parish in Logan); Fr. Bill Arnold ’71 (Pastor of Holy Spirit and St. Philip parishes); Fr. Michael Watson (Pastor of St. Mary Delaware parish); Msgr. Paul Enke ’64 (Pastor of St. Edward the Confessor parish); Most Rev. Frederick F. Campbell (Bishop of the Diocese of Columbus); Fr. Jim Black (Pastor of St. Joan of Arc parish); Fr. Charlie Klinger ’61 (Pastor of St. Paul parish); Fr. Matt Hoover (Pastor of Immaculate Conception parish); Fr. Mike Gentry (Serving St. Joan of Arc parish); Fr. Dan Dury (Pastor of St. Catharine parish); Fr. Tim Hayes ’77 (Pastor of St. Timothy parish) and Deacon Frank Iannarino’71 (Serving St. Brigid of Kildare parish).



IMG_8756Above the entrance to the school former Main Entryway, facing the Msgr. Thomas Bennett Courtyard, Cardinal Circle and Broad Street, is engraved the school’s motto: “Euntes Ergo Docete Omnes Gentes,” a quote from the Gospel of Matthew (28:19) that translates to: “Going out, therefore, and teach all nations.”