St. Charles Robotics Team earns return trip to the FIRST Robotics World Championships!

St. Charles Robotics-Crossroads


The St. Charles Robotics Team earns return trip to the FIRST Robotics World Championships!

The Columbus St. Charles Preparatory School Robotics Team [Above  from  left]: (kneeling) Jeffrey Stevens ’17 (Bexley Middle School), (kneeling) Konrad Kappel ’15 (St. Michael School, St. Michael parish), Mr. Tim Landers (Mentor), Mr. Ron Forrest (Mentor/Team Advisor), Jack Chatas ’15 (Columbus Academy), Joseph Churilla ’16 (Walnut Springs Middle School,  Church of Resurrection parish), Jack Parker ’14 (St. Matthew School, St. Matthew parish), Joe Jeffrey ’14 (St. Timothy School, St. Timothy parish), Andrew Campo ’16 (Bexley Middle School), Henry Kirk ’14 (Jones Middle School, Our Lady of Victory parish), Jonathan Engle ’14 (St. Mary School German Village,  St. Mary German Village parish), Brian Landers ’15 (Ohio Virtual Academy, St. Mary Magdalene parish), Kenneth Bowman ’15 (Horizon Science Academy), Mr. John Engle (Mentor), Lewis Nerone ’16 (St. Brigid of Kildare School, St. Brigid of Kildare parish), Isaac Murrin ’17 (St. Matthew School,  Church of the Resurrection parish), Chris Hickman ’15 (Grove City Christian), Nicholas Yee ’17 (Our Lady Of Peace School, St. Joseph Cathedral parish), David Wing ’15 (St. Michael School, St. Michael parish), Aaron Yee’ 17 (Our Lady Of Peace School, St. Joseph Cathedral parish), Anthony Forrest ’15 (Holy Spirit School, Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal parish), Ben Negatu ’16 (All Saints Academy), Elijah Williams ’14 (Waggoner Rd. Jr. High), Mr. Dave Hickman (Mentor). Not pictured: Dan Irby ’15 (St. Michael School, St. Paul parish), Andrew Reade ’17 (St. Pius X School, St. Elizabeth Seton parish) and Omar Montalvo ’15 (St. Pius X School, St. Pius X parish).


The St. Charles Robotics Team earns return trip to the FIRST Robotics World Championships!

On March 8th, the “CardinalBots” teamed up with Paola High School of Paola, Kansas and Penn High School in Mishawaka, Indiana to win the Crossroads Regional at Rose-Hulman’s Sports and Recreation Center, one of 54 regional host sites at which FIRST teams can qualify for the championship at the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis in April. It will be the 2nd trip to the “Worlds” for the SC robotics team that qualified for the international competition in 2012 based on their performance at the Buckeye Regional at the Wolstein Center on the campus of Cleveland State University—just 6 months after the team formed!

Team mentor Mr. Tim Landers shared this striking account from the final match:

“After two full days of competition, two teams of three robots each were lined up to have their final match determining the winners of the regional competition and a trip to the World Championships….

After winning the first match, members of the BLUE alliance under team captain FRC #1024, were lined up to for the second and final match.  Their alliance with Team 135 had experienced a setback when one of the robots they selected (Team 5188) malfunctioned and was replaced in semifinals by St. Charles’ Team 4269.

During pre-match testing, they determined that there was an electrical failure on their own robot that could not be repaired during the only 5-minute time-out the team captains had for the play-offs.  Instead, they went on the field and sat immobile in the goalie zone. With the score of the final match Blue Alliance 1 to Red Alliance 1, Team 1024 frantically tried to repair their electronic system between games, but they were unable to get the robot repaired.


Then, the unbelievable happened!

In a courageous and compassionate decision, the RED Alliance Captain Team 1024 used up their team’s only time-out to give the BLUE Alliance time to make the repair. On the Blue Alliance, Team 1108 used this 5 minute time-out and was able to make the repair so that the final match was played 3 robots against 3 robots.  Along with Captain 1024, Red Alliance teams 234 and 3147 went on to play hard against the members of the Blue Alliance with a final score of 150 (Blue) to 118 (Red).

This kind of FIRST moment makes me so proud to be a member of the FIRST Community.  Don’t tell the students, but it is never about building a robot. FIRST is about giving young men and women the chance to demonstrate the kind of Gracious Professionalism shown by Teams 11024, 234, and 3147.

Afterward, members of the Blue Alliance (including the St. Charles students) went up to thank members of the Red Alliance for their outstanding example, courage, and compassion. I think that the faculty and administration at Saint Charles would have been very proud to see this act by the men of Saint Charles, Mr. Landers said.

There is a nice story about the final matches of the championship on the Rose Hullman web site:  

Visit   to see various aspects of the regional event, including video of the robots in action.

You are also invited to visit the SC Robotics team’s website at

Special recognition goes to those adults who have helped mentor and assist these young men throughout this season, including Mr. Ron Forrest (Team Advisor), Mr. Tim Landers (Mentor), Mr. Dave Hickman (Mentor) and Mr. John Engle (Mentor).

The Robotics team would like to acknowledge the major support it has received from the following groups and companies: The Ohio State University; OMETEK; TRAVELERS; Bravo Brio Restaurant Group and Selecteon.

In addition, these groups and companies have also provided support:  Forrest Automation & Tech. Solutions, Abbott Labs; Whitehall-Bexley Rotary Club; Hickman Lawncare; LLC; Metro Family Care; Ohio Aerospace Institute; Suburban Natural Gas Co.; HONDA, CORI, Red Tails and St. Charles Preparatory School.


Congratulations to the St. Charles Robotics Team and we offer our best wishes and support for a great performance in St. Louis!!