Attend “FROM THIS MOMENT ON! Personal Reminders for Massive Success at School & at Play” featuring Javier Sanchez – May 30th

St. Charles & “My Brother’s Keeper” announce:

FROM THIS MOMENT ON! Personal Reminders for Massive Success at School & at Play featuring Javier Sanchez on Tuesday, May 30, 2017 at 3:30 p.m. in the school’s Robert C. Walter Student Commons; Free and open to the public.

Attention members of the Central Ohio Community,

You are cordially invited to attend an afternoon presentation by Javier Sanchez  in the Robert C. Walter Student Commons on the campus of St. Charles Preparatory School (2010 East Broad Street, Columbus) on Tuesday, May 30th starting at 3:30 p.m.

Sanchez delivers life building messages to audiences of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds, while keeping them entertained through comedy, spoken word poetry, and powerful stories from his own life. He writes, produces, and performs his material at schools, colleges & universities, conferences, corporate, and community events across the United States and around the globe!

“My core message is that every person has a chance to make incredible things happen with their life, ” he says, “starting with the choices they make from this moment on. Our past mistakes or experiences do not have to disqualify us from our future opportunities. From this moment on we can determine to make better choices that will better ourselves and the world around us.

The three main points of his message are 1) Your are valuable and necessary and your past doesn’t have to disqualify you from your future. 2) From this moment on, you can CHOOSE to experience life to the fullest in a healthy, safe, and positive way. 3) Leave people better than how you found them.

Click HERE to see a PDF for the event