Alumni Cavalcade Makes Return Trip to Asheville, NC

The 2018 Carolian Cavalcade continued its “World Tour” — this time stopping in Asheville, North Caroliana.  This is the second year for this event, which was again graciously hosted again by 1958 graduate Matt Howard, and his wife, Beth, who welcomed members of the St. Charles administration and staff, as well as local alumni, into their home for dinner and drinks.
Our thanks to the Howards for their continued generosity and all who were able to attend!

[Photo -Front, seated, from the left] Beth Howard (wife of Matt), Patsy (daughter of Beth and Matt), Jill Meadows (wife of Kurt) and Jaymi Maul (wife of Mike Maul); [Standing, left to right] Bob (son-in-law to Matt and Beth Howard and husband of Patsy, seated), Dan Tarpy (Development Officer), Matt Howard ’58, Mike Maul ’06, Jason Hollern ’99, Michael Clauser ’12, Jim Lower (Principal of St. Charles), Kurt Meadows ’06, Frank Howard ’56, and Ti (bartender from Longview Country Club). Photo taken by Michael Welsch, SC Faculty & Development Officer.