Snow Can’t Dampen Spirit of 2019 Spaghetti Dinner

The weather for Sunday’s St. Charles Spaghetti Dinner (Feb.10th) started out promising before a snow storm swooped in confounding ODOT and paralyzing Central Ohio roadways for most of the afternoon. But the Carolian Community is a determined and faithful bunch! Folks braved the mess and traffic delays to reach to the Walter Student Commons by the late afternoon and helping to rally the annual gathering in support of tuition assistance.

Click HERE to view an album of 120 photos taken at the event.


While the event wouldn’t be a success without guests attending with their families, it could never occur each year without the volunteer efforts of the MANY parents, alumni, students and friends who do everything from serving up the meal, cleaning tables, pouring drinks, and taking out the trash.

And most especially, our thanks to those who devote that entire day to making sure our guests have the best experience possible: St. Charles Alumni Association governing board members Gerard Barrow ’72, Phil Caito ’72, Jack Gibbons ’81, Bill Prophater ’86, Sean McCarthy ’87 (President), Jim Greenhalge ’88, Mike Probst ’89, Matt Weger ’89 and Jason Younger ’89.

We are also indebted to Pat Kuhns, Tierney Reider and Katy Ryan Paolini for their help in addition to the true food service professionals from Berwick Manor, led by T.J. Susi.

We hope to see YOU at next year’s dinner on Sunday, February 9, 2020.