About St. Charles

School Overview
Since its founding in 1923 by then Bishop of Columbus, James J. Hartley, St. Charles Preparatory School has offered young men the challenge to take part in a tradition of excellence. Serving students in grades nine through twelve, St. Charles has continually provided the opportunity to grow in Christian manhood, to prepare for advanced study, and to develop as well-rounded individuals. Over the years, the school has been proud of its more than 4,400 graduates who have responded to the challenge.

In colleges and universities, in business and professions, in the Church and in society, the St. Charles man stands out as one dedicated to excellence, a habit he learned and lived during his high school years. As nearly four generations of young men have come and gone to St. Charles, the courtyards and playing fields, classrooms and chapels have watched a tradition grow.

Many people consider high school to be one of the important centers of their lives. When a teenager's days at school have always emphasized excellence, surely he is invited to a tradition he can be proud of and carry on throughout his life.


Photos from the Past