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While scholarship is and must always be the primary aim of a college preparatory education, such qualities as dependability, loyalty, initiative, leadership and cooperation are integral attributes of a truly educated man. Moreover, special abilities and talents, if developed, are important and useful assets to the student and the common good.

At St. Charles, the accent is on involvement. While the academic program emphasizes a broad experience of the fundamental disciplines, co-curricular offerings encourage and develop the individual talents and interests of students. Co-curricular activities cover a wide spectrum of activities and organizations and more than two-thirds of the student body participates in one.

Through their involvement with various organizations, students find both the challenge and the pleasure of working with others so that the St. Charles student leaves high school a well-rounded man.

The Student Council is made up of elected representatives from the student body who serve as a liaison between faculty and students and plan charitable, cultural, social and athletic  programs and activities for the school.

The Carolian is the official school newspaper, written and edited by the students, and is designed to further an interest in writing, self-expression and intercommunication.

The Borromean Chapter of the National Honor Society is made up of students selected for their scholarship, leadership, character and service to the school and community. Its members have in the past been involved in a number of community service projects and activities that support the CROP Walk, Light the Night Walk to support the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society and J.O.I.N. (Joint Organization for Inner-city Needs).

The St. Charles Engineering Teams have received numerous accolades and are nationally-recognized. Successes include a 2009 National Championship and several state championships.


 The St. Charles Robotics Team was established in the fall of 2011. Students in the group design, build, and programs a robot to participate in competitions all throughout Ohio. The competitions are created and run by FIRST, the company that started high school robotics programs in 1989 with a main goal of inspiring young minds to participate in science and technology. For more information:

-Mr. Ron Forrest, Team Advisor,

-Fast facts about FIRST:

CardinalBots web site:

-FIRST Robotics web site:


My Brother’s Keeper (MBK) is a student service organization that is focused on recruitment, retention, engagement and service. Its primary goal is to help ensure that minority students and their families feel more a part of the St. Charles family and to create a unified sense of belonging in a unique academic environment, though students of any ethnicity are  encouraged to join. MBK focuses on assisting minority students with strategies and resources designed to assist with their academic success and develop their social, professional and leadership skills to support a higher retention rate of incoming students.

We connect our students with Cardinal alumni and other community leaders to provide support and mentoring; involve them in community events and service projects so that they can learn firsthand that we are all truly “Our Brothers Keeper”; and also use our students as mentor-tutors in the community with identified schools to introduce the St. Charles educational opportunity to any young man that will “accept the challenge.”

Cardinals for Life, Dignity and Justice is a pro-life and social justice organization According to its mission statement, that, according to its mission statement,  exists: “To uphold a consistent fabric of life from birth to death and all affronts to human dignity in between; To hold true to the teachings of the Catholic Church in regard to the respect for all life; To aid those afflicted by whatever is opposed to life itself and whatever insults human dignity (Gaudium et Spes, Vatican II, no.27); To create a society of understanding in matters that scar our already mutilated society.” The organization works to educate others through awareness activities, spirituality through prayer, and service and charity through the organization’s many fundraisers.


The St. Charles In the Know Academic Quiz Team is an award-winning and nationally recognized team that competes on the televised high school quiz programs and at national competitions.


The Environmental Club is involved with activities such as the Fall Campus Cleanup, Alum Creek clean-ups, and running the school’s recycling program. The club has made possible the placement of an Abitibi Dumpster at St. Charles for the recycling of paper products.


The Ski Club gives students the opportunity to take part in ski trips during the winter under faculty supervision.


The Chess Team sponsors intramural tournaments and competes regularly with other high school teams.


The Ultimate Frisbee Club


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