Development & Alumni Staff

Welcome to the Alumni & Development Office

The Alumni & Development Office of St. Charles Preparatory School works to maintain and steward the pledge made by the school’s founder, Bishop James J. Hartley, that no qualified Catholic young man seeking a St. Charles education would be denied entrance because of a family’s economic means. The school’s earliest prospectus declared a goal of “giving students a complete, thorough, and sound classical training.” Today, those same words are found in the St. Charles student handbook.

As a friend or alumnus, you can help St. Charles with this charge in four different ways. First, you can be great ambassadors for the school by speaking highly of St. Charles to those outside of our school community. Second, you can volunteer your time and expertise with a group like the St. Charles Mothers Club or the St. Charles Alumni Association. Third, you can support St. Charles financially by helping build an endowment or providing a gift to The Campaign for St. Charles. Finally, you can offer your prayers for the students, faculty, staff, alumni and parents of St. Charles.

If we can be of help, or you wish to share your thoughts and ideas with us regarding the school, please contact our office by e-mail, by phone (614) 252-9288, or U.S. Mail at 2010 East Broad Street, Cols., OH 43209.

Director of Development
Mr. Michael H. Duffy
614-252-9288 ext. 20
[email protected]


Development Officer
Mr. Michael F. Welsch
614-252-9288 ext. 33
[email protected]


Director of Alumni Affairs and Communications
Mr. Louis J. Fabro ’83
614-252-9288 ext. 21
[email protected]


Development Assistant
Mrs. Cherri Taynor
614-252-9288 ext. 19
[email protected]