Recycled Gold Donation

Explore a Golden Opportunity
that benefits you 
and the students
of St. Charles Preparatory School

St. Charles Preparatory School has partnered with The Golden Rule to offer a New Way of Giving which equally benefits St. Charles and the generous community that supports us. The current high price of gold provides an opportunity to recycle unworn and unused gold jewelry in a way that maximizes the return to you and to St. Charles. The Golden Rule provides a safe, private, and dignified way for you sell your gold.

The Golden Rule brokers your gold on behalf of St. Charles Preparatory School, and all funds are remitted to St. Charles. With the full proceeds in our development office, you will have the option of contributing either one half or the entire amount to St. Charles. As you work directly with the development office at St. Charles, you are promptly paid by St. Charles for your half of the proceeds and may be entitled to a tax deduction for your donation.

This New Way of Giving is an innovative way for our supporters to donate the value of their unwanted gold to a wonderful cause.  We thank you for considering using The Golden Rule as a new way you can support St. Charles as we continue our mission to provide the highest quality Catholic education and spiritual enrichment to our students. Please click here for more information.

The Golden Rule
2260 E. Main Street
Columbus, OH 43209