Campus Ministry

St. Charles Campus Ministry
Director of Campus: Ministry Michael Warner

Liturgy & Prayer

  • All School Masses
  • Stations of the Cross
  • Penance Services
  • Marian Devotion
  • Morning Prayer Club
  • Fishers of Men Vocations Club

Contact: Sister Margaret Hoffman [email protected]

Christian Service

  •  Local Service Projects: Shepherd’s Corner, Charity Walks, All Saints Tutoring, MBK Mentoring
  • Regional Service Trips: Kermit, WV— Big Laurel Learning Center
  • International Service Trips: Guatemala, Nicaragua International Samaritan

Contact Grade level Religion teachers


  • Freshman: Journey of Faith Junior Leaders, Freshmen teachers
  • Sophomore: Figures of Courage Jesuit Spiritual Center
  • Junior: Urban Plunge – Columbus  Office of Social Concerns, Diocese of Columbus
  • Senior: Encounter with Christ Damascus Retreat Team

Contact: Grade level Religion Teachers

St. Charles Charisms

  • St. Charles of Borromeo Archbishop of Milan (1538 – 1584)
  • Humility
  • Mercy
  • Solidarity
  • Leadership