Cafeteria – Adult Lunchroom Volunteers Needed!!

Adult Lunchroom Volunteers Needed!!      

The St. Charles Preparatory School Cafeteria is urgently seeking adults/parents to help serve lunches to students Monday through Friday.

We are in need of five to six volunteers daily to help during the two lunch shifts which together serve more than 500 students each day. The two-hour shifts begin at 10:30 a.m. and go until 12:45 p.m.

Are you are able to volunteer one day a month or serve as a substitute? Please print out this form and send it in to the school’s Main Office with your son or by mail as soon as you can.


Note: According to Diocesan Policy, BEFORE any volunteer can have care, custody and control of students, they MUST have on file a current Bureau of Criminal Investigation criminal background check (which can be coordinated through the Main Office).Volunteers also MUST have attended the “Protecting God’s Children” workshop. Please visit to find the dates and locations if you need to complete that program.

Click HERE to print out a Cafeteria Volunteer Form to return to the Main Office at St. Charles

We appreciate your help!


For the 2019-20209 school year, St. Charles will again be using an automated Payment System

St Charles uses the FSS® POSitiveID System in our cafeteria. This technology allows us to provide debit accounts for purchases, and increases the speed of food service to students so they have more time to eat and converse. Parents will enjoy the convenience of prepaying for their child’s purchases at whatever level they choose.

The FSS® POSitiveID System allows you to pay in advance for meals and/or A la Carte items. Students still have the option to pay cash on a daily basis in the main office prior to the school day starting. The identification of students is with a biometric finger-imaging device. The device converts the finger image into a numbered pattern that is then stored for future identification at the point-of-service.

NOTE: This system is NOT associated with fingerprints. It CANNOT be used to identify students by lifting fingerprints and comparing them with the digital finger image. The fingerprint is NOT stored in the computer. This is a positive identification system, only your child can access his account.

During book pick up August 17 & 18, we will register the image of your son’s index fingers. This will only have to be done once while your child is enrolled in the FSS® Corp’s School’s system. The information stored on the FSS® POSitiveID System is only for use by this software at St Charles. There are several layers of security built into this software and our network. This is a closed system and it is not accessible from the Internet. If you do not want your son’s finger image to be taken, please put your request in writing and return directly to St Charles Prep School Attn: Pat Kuhns. If no written notification is received, your son will be scanned during book pick up or during the first week of school.

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Click HERE to see this Pricing Sheet (left) in a larger, readable format




Hot lunches are provided daily at current prices. Students may bring their own lunches or purchase various a la carte items such as french fries, assorted vegetables,  fruits, dessert and milk. Below are examples of weekly & daily  lunch offerings from the 2019-2020 school year:
General Tso’s Chicken with Rice
BBQ Rib Sandwich
Chicken Tenders
Meatball Sub
Donatos Cheese and Pepperoni Pizza
Skyline Chili over Noodles
Philly Steak Sandwich
Hot Dogs
Grilled Chicken Sandwich
Teriyaki Chicken
Donatos Cheese and Pepperoni Pizza
Cheese Ravioli
Cheese Lasagna
Sloppy Joe Sandwich
Buffalo Chicken Sub
Chicken and Noodles
Donatos Cheese and Pepperoni Pizza

Shredded Pork Sandwich
Kentucky Fried Chicken Bowls
Chicken Nuggets
Italian Sub
Donatos Cheese and Pepperoni Pizza

Note: No meat dishes served during the Lenten Season
Fish Sandwich
Bosco Cheese Sticks
Donatos Cheese Pizza