Faculty & Staff


Name Position / Department E-mail Address
Mr. James R. Lower Principal / Mathematics [email protected]
Mr. John H. O’Neil Academic Dean / Latin [email protected]
Mr. Richard V. Ey Dean of Students / English [email protected]


Mr. Michael C. Arends Science [email protected]
Mrs. Kimberly Bales English [email protected]
Mr. David A. Breckenridge College Liaison [email protected]
Mr. Rick Brunetto Music [email protected]
Mr. Jacob B. Daniel Mathematics [email protected]
 Ms. Kristen Dickerson Sophomore & Junior Class Advisor [email protected]
Mr. Andrew Donahey Biology / Chemistry [email protected]
Dr. Michael Fagge Religion [email protected]
Mr. Jack F. Gibbons Social Studies [email protected]
Mr. Edward M. Gruber Latin [email protected]
Mrs. Kathleen T. Hickey English [email protected]
Mr. Deke Hocker Health / Phys. Ed [email protected]
Mr. John W. Hoelker Mathematics [email protected]
Sister Margaret Hoffman English [email protected]
Mrs. Elizabeth K. Homon English [email protected]
Mrs. Elizabeth K. Hudelson Chemistry [email protected]
Dr. Carolyn Kaplan Spanish [email protected]
Mr. David K. Lawler Athletic Director / Phys. Ed [email protected]
Mrs. Jane M. Leukart Religion [email protected]
Mr. Michael J. Lewandowski Mathematics /  Graphic Art [email protected]
Mr. Thomas Lopresti Biology [email protected]
Mrs. Sarah Magill English [email protected]
Mr. Nicholas McKinley Physics / Science [email protected]
Mr. Robert C. Miller Media Specialist [email protected]
Mr. R. Douglas Montgomery English [email protected]
Mr. Joseph Moyer Mathematics [email protected] 
Mr. James M. Paccioretti Religion / Campus Ministry [email protected]
Mr. James A. Pena Spanish [email protected] 
Ms. Pierrette R. Pena French/ German [email protected]
Mr. Scott M. Pharion English [email protected]
Mr. Michael P. Ryan Health / Phys. Ed [email protected]
Mrs. Jennifer Shively Chorus [email protected]
Mr. Aaron M. Schrein Social Studies [email protected]
Mr. Adam C. Smith Religion [email protected]
Mr. Philip W. Smith Art [email protected] 
Mr. Jeffrey S. Stahlman College Counselor [email protected]
Dr. Sarah Vandermeer Physics [email protected]
Mr. Michael J. Warner Religion [email protected]
Mr. Michael F. Welsch Religion / Development Officer [email protected]
Mrs. Rachael Wesig Mathematics [email protected]
Mr. Anthony Wilson Social Studies [email protected]
Mr. Zachary Wright Freshman Advisor [email protected]


Mrs. Laurie Berndt Secretary [email protected]
Mrs. Jeanie Berry Receptionist / Attendance Officer [email protected]
Mr. Garrin Busch Technology Coordinator [email protected]
Ms. Midge Cull School Nurse [email protected]
Mr. Michael Duffy Director of Development [email protected]
Mr. Louis J. Fabro Director of Alumni Affairs & Communications [email protected]
Mrs. Dixie Foley Cafeteria Manager [email protected]
Mrs. Brenda Gibbons Receptionist [email protected]
Mrs. Nina Keyes Development Officer [email protected]
Mrs. Pat Kuhns Office Manager / Bookkeeper [email protected]
Mrs. Michelle Lippert Library Assistant [email protected]
Tracy Loesing Finance Manager [email protected]
Ms. Patricia Smith Guidance Secretary [email protected]
Mr. Daniel Tarpy Development Officer [email protected]
Mrs. Cherri Taynor Development Officer [email protected]